All Might vs All For One Full Fight - Boku no Hero Academia Season 3: [English Subs]

Having ran into Tenya on his way to the U.S.J., All Might knows all about the conflict occuring there. He rips off his tie and blazer as he shouts his catch phrase everything will be all right because he is here. He rushes through the central plaza at super speed to recover the injured Eraserhead, defeating the remaining villains there in a flash. He moves on to secure Izuku, Tsuyu and Minoru from the clutches of Tomura and Nomu. All Might sets them all down at a safe distance and instructs them to escape. Izuku tries to warn All Might about Nomu's endurance, but the Symbol of Peace tells it it will be alright. The students carry Eraserhead away from the area, and the battle begins between All Might and the villains.